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the_small_stuff's Journal

The Small Stuff We Do
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The little things we can do to help the environment
This community is a place where we can discuss ways to contribute to the environment, or you know, kill it less, with little to no trouble on our part.

There are a lot of hard core environmentalists out there, and there are a lot of people who just don't care.

What about everyone else? The people who want to live their lives comfortably, but feel bad about the way society is set up in terms of the environment.

This is the community for those people.

Join if you have small suggestions for improving the environment. How to save just a *little* more water, how to waste just a *little* less.

Join if you WANT suggestions.

Our best suggestions will be posted to this blog: http://environmentalbabysteps.blogspot.com/

which is an offshoot of my own website.