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January 2009

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agentaeonfiux in the_small_stuff

New member :)

Hi, my name is Dinah and I just joined. I love seeing communities like this popping up all over LJ! Interest is growing and it's only a matter of time before we see some real results :)

I have a tip for those of you who are hooked on coffee, especially the people who visit places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Etc. every day.

Fact: Americans consume over 14 billion cups of coffee wrapped in disposable sleeves every year! Some coffee shops even practice the notorious "double-cupping".

I handmake an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable sleeve called CupKozy. If you're not quite ready to commit to using a thermal mug (I know I'm having a hard time with that), this is a super easy way to help reduce the amount of waste being generated.

For those who DO use thermal mugs, you are precious and few. On those days when you just plain forget to bring your mug home and it is now fermenting on your office desk and you have a paper cup emergency, don’t grab one of those disposable sleeves. You know the contraptions that keep you from burning your hands on that cup of essential morning elixir. Grab a CUP KOZY

You can also find me on Etsy :)

Thanks for all the green tips in here. Keep them coming!



I have a cardboard sleeve sitting in my cupboard right now because I couldn't bear to throw it away, haha.

I should probably toss it in my bag for the next time I hit a coffee shop (which is rare lately, instead I doctor my office coffee to make it drinkable).
Re-using cardboard sleeves is another great way to go! :)

Some coffee shops in the UK are extra-smart by stamping a "reward" on the sleeve each time it gets re-used so u get a free coffee with the 5th stamp. We need to start doing that here!
That's great.

I walk home from work and sometimes I come up with all these brilliant plans for fast food places to turn some of the worst of us into environmentally conscious people.

I don't know how practical they are though, haha. But it involves spending more in the beginning and charging less for re used containers, like the gas station where I go to get soda!
That's the main hurdle. Getting big companies to spend more $ to take eco-friendly measures that;ll pay off in the future. They don't see the big picture.

In the meantime, it's pretty much up to us ;)