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January 2009

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uknowimprecious in the_small_stuff

A little help?

Hi, I'm Kira and I'm still REALLY new to the "go green" movement (though I don't really like referring to myself as such, because well... I kinda feel like it's sort of a ploy for companies to say their products are "green" and sell them for higher amounts...) but I really want to do something to help. To make the world better for my future children. Living in the midwest it's a bit harder to find things that would help. Of course my mom and I use the reusable bags for the local stores, and we recycle the cans through my friend who takes them for a charity, we use sponges and towels until they fall to pieces (sometimes we even use the pieces), and we use the energy efficient lightbulbs.

Other than that, we are pretty stumped. I mean things like those and keeping plasic containers are easy, but where I live there's not a ready market for that kind of thing. I live in an industry town, though my boyfriend and I are planning to move to Madison in about a year for college, so we, or rather I am looking for ways to help the environment, but since we are college students, we are pretty much broke and need to do it cheaply. I know Madison has Farmer's Markets (at least in the summer) where I can buy produce, but other than that I'm not sure. We will be living in an apartment and most complexs don't have recycling so, how do I find out if there is a plant where I can take our recycling? What other things are there that can help save the planet and at the same time cut costs?


Welcome! Madison is really nice and they try to be environmentally friendly. (I am originally from Beloit).

They just put in a Trader Joe's recently. And while everything there is not perfect for the environment many of the products are, not to mention being inexpensive.

A lot of what I do personally is just read labels. If I think an ingredient looks funky, I google it when I get home. I may even buy the product that one time and if it's bad I just don't use it again!

If I can recommend looking through past entries, that might help too. We are a new community and there aren't that many entries yet so it won't take long.

I know you don't like to label yourself as a green living person. But mentioning in passing that you want what's best for the environment to the people around you can be really helpful, if for no other reason than setting a good example.

I asked at work the other day if there was any way to reuse the big envelopes sent to us. They didn't have a good answer, but seemed impressed that I wanted to reuse before recycling.

Again, welcome!
Thanks! It's not so much that I don't want to label my self as a green living person, just I don't want people to think I buy into the whole... consumer thing. (My mom's a hippy... I was born with it.)

I read all of the past entries and saved a few to my memories for when I do get to Madison.

And what exactly do you mean by read labels? I understand what you said, its just, a lot of things we buy will have things I can't pronounce--which probably means I shouldn't get it anyway... but it's cost effective, and my mom (yes, the hippy) doesn't really buy into the whole "Let's buy the more expensive things because they won't kill us." She is a child of the 60's afterall.

But, at this point I am particularly interested in compost... I know you can put food you didn't eat in it, and we have these plates that you are supposed to put in them... :/ Halp?

Btw, are you in Madison? That would be uber-helpful. And, omgnoway, I'm in Rockford! haha
I guess I just mean that if you can't read something on the label, google it instead of assuming it is harmless/poisonous for you or the environment.

Once you figure it out you can weight the pros and cons yourself.

For instance, my boyfriend doesn't buy organic or locally grow produce if it costs more than twice what he pays at it's cheapest in our area, even though it might harm him or the environment in the long run, and even though it probably tastes worse. It's just about balancing thrift with health and environmentalism.

I actually live in the Portland area now. We spent four years in L.A. and ALMOST moved to Madison to be near my family, but decided to stay on the West Coast instead.

I know Rockford pretty well. My mom goes shopping there all the time!
haha neat!

Thanks, I will definately try to start doing that... (I'm a bit forgetful...)
Hi! I recently joined this group but I happened to read your post...

I also just moved into an apartment complex where there is no recycling. I ended up looking for "recycling," in the phone book and they had a website posted called earth911.org where it will list all of the recycling places nearest your address. They are usually drop-off sites, but some of them are curbside pick-up.

Hope that helps!
It does! Thanks!
OH HAI! I didn't see you there :) Glad you joined :)

Also, thanks for the website. I always like to have something like that handy.