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January 2009

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missdotti in the_small_stuff

Composting ideas

I live in an apartment with no way of doing any gardening aside from maybe some small planters on my window sills. But I hate that I have all this lovely stuff that I can use for composting and it would end up going to waste. So I started a compost bin with an old coffee can. Whenever it's full, I give it either to my parents or to a friend of mine. They both have large gardens with compost piles and really appreciate my little contributions. As a thank you, they'll often bring me some veggies from their garden.

I was thinking about this in the shower this morning and I realize that many of you might not have friends or family nearby that could make it easy for you to give the compost to them. Especially those of you who are newly transplanted to where you are. My solution was FreeCycle. I have used it successfully to trade of any number of things I don't need, and I thought "Why not compost stuff?" I'm sure SOMEONE in your area could use it. Give it a try.


Freecycle is great. I never used it, but I signed up in L.A> and always meant to.
I also live in an apartment and have been wondering how I could do some compost (we have a bunch of plants on our balcony) so... Since I'm kind of a newbie to the whole compost thing, could you explain a bit more about it, and how to do it in a coffee can or something slightly bigger? Thanks in advance! :)
Basically, all I would do is use a coffee can, or any other nicely sealed container that I had on hand to put all the things I would normally compost in it.

Coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit and vegetable trimmings, etc. When the can is full, I take it to my friend's house or to my parents' house to add to their compost pile.

I think I may research to maybe figure out a way to do actual composting in my apartment so that I could use the compost in window boxes or something. But right now, I have a system that works for ME, so I don't know.
Ok, thanks. :)
There's definitely a way to compost "from home" if you live in an apartment.

THANK YOU! I will definitely look into it because I really want to try it. If I can perfect it in an apartment, doing it when I get a home of my own should be a snap.